Depression is a dark picture to paint.  According to the standard diagnosis guide (DSM-V) published by the American Psychiatric Association, depression is diagnosed when at least five of the following symptoms are present for at least two weeks:


Pervasive Sadness


Low Energy


Low Motivation


Loss of Joy and Desire for Pleasurable Things


Poor Concentration




Sleep and Appetite Disruption




Negativity & Suicidal Thoughts

Depressive Symptoms

greatly impair functional areas of your life at home, at work and in social activities. For example:

At Home

You may stop cleaning and picking up. You may stop showering and maintaining personal hygiene.

At Work

You may be taking more sick days and staying in bed. OR when you go to work, you make more mistakes and get less done.


You may stop going out, act more irritable toward others, and isolate at home.


You may lose all desire to do hobbies and fun things.  Depression can take over and ruin your life.

If you have any questions

Please don’t hesitate to call us. My office staff & myself want to see our patients get healthy. This is our top priority. We emphasize results & customer care because at the end of the day that’s what matters.

During my 25+ years of treating depression, I’ve never seen results like TMS. The transformation from start to finish makes me happy to offer it to patients. People walk out of here depression-free.

TMS is covered by almost all insurance companies.  BUT dealing with these insurance companies can be intimidating and stressful.

My staff has put in place an efficient system that sees if you’re covered by your insurance provider.  Let us handle the insurance headache. We want to be a stepping stone in your journey to getting your life back from depression.

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